Peaceful Moments

SSM Health at Home Hospice values each person in every stage of illness. Through our Peaceful Moments program, we strive to provide a dignified death in an atmosphere of love. Trained volunteers provide a reassuring presence to patients in nursing homes with an estimated life expectancy of 24-48 hours who would otherwise die alone. This service is also available to patients in their own homes whose caregivers need additional support during the final hours of their loved one's life.

The volunteer's role is that of a companion rather than a caregiver. However, non-skilled comfort measures such as simple mouth care, application of lotion, straightening of linens and gentle touch may be performed. The Peaceful Moments volunteer can relieve family members from bedside vigils so that they can rest, eat or take care of personal matters.

If you feel that the loving, supportive companionship of a Peaceful Moments volunteer would be helpful to your loved one or family, please talk to your SSM Health at Home Hospice nurse or social worker.

For more information, call 314-989-2775 Call: 314-989-2775.