Our Clinical Staff

At SSM Health at Home, it takes an exceptional team to deliver exceptional care at home

Our care providers -- physicians and nurses, nutritionists and pharmacists, social workers and home-health aides, chaplains and therapists, along with your family and physician -- all come together to provide you with quality, safe and patient-centered care.

ImageOur circle of support consists of highly trained, professional and licensed staff providing the best care possible to patients in Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma. In Wisconsin, we are affiliated with Home Health United.

This professional and experienced support is exactly what patients and families need at the most challenging times of ther lives.

Our staff are patient advocates. They are knowledgeable and keep physicians informed. They educate patients and their families on what they need to know about their conditions and the care they need. They are compassionate. They make a real difference to patients in the quality of care the receive and the quality of life in their home setting.

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