Massage Therapy

Massage for hospice patients designed for deep relaxation, pain relief

Comfort Touch is a special type of massage for hospice patients using techniques that promote deep relaxation and potential relief from pain and anxiety. It is safe, appropriate and effective for those for whom conventional massage may cause Massagediscomfort.

Conducted by SSM Health at Home's certified therapist, the massage is provided to a patient in a position he or she is most comfortable. Comfort Touch techniques do not require lotions or oils, so the patient can be fully clothed or dressed to their level of comfort.

Our Comfort Touch therapist is a member of our hospice care team and is required to document all sessions through written reports and communication with the patient’s hospice nurse and other hospice staff members. Family members and caregivers may watch and learn the techniques to use after the therapy visit.

Please let a member of your hospice team know if you would like to arrange a therapy visit.